1. Are there specific units at Bethesda-Cornerstone Village designated for persons with disability?
    No. All units have been designed with the same features to maximize accessibility, so residents can choose their units on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. What smart devices will be used/available to use in the homes?
    All units will have smart locks for enhanced security; the villas will have video doorbells and smart garage door openers. All units will also have smart thermostats to help maintain utility costs.

    Units can also be customized with a range of additional smart devices based on each resident’s needs and preferences. To see what’s available, visit the demo unit on site; it’s equipped with an array of devices that can be used to promote independence, autonomy and accessibility.

    Residents are also encouraged to bring their own devices, as well as make use of our tech support option for these devices.
  3. What kind of security features are provided?
    In addition to the safety features inside each unit, the exterior door to the apartment building has a video security lock with fob access and cameras to monitor the interior hallways. Multiple cameras will also monitor the garage and grounds to provide additional security throughout the complex.
  4. How will activities be coordinated for the residents?
    There will be an activities director to help plan and facilitate events that can be held in the community center, fitness center, grounds, or in the greater community. They’ll work closely with the residents to determine the best activities to suit their interests and needs.
  5. Will there be 24-hour on-site staffing?
    No. While property management and the activities director will be available during the day, there will not be 24/7 staffing.
  6. If I require support services, can I continue to use my current provider?
    Of course. While Bethesda does provide support services, you’re not required to use them to live here. We’re all about choice—and that means choosing the provider(s) that best suits your needs.
  7. Are rent subsidies available?
    Yes. Families should consult with a financial planner, along with their case manager and/or social worker, to find funding programs and resources that may provide housing assistance beyond the Bethesda-Cornerstone Village subsidy.