For over 115 years, Bethesda has worked tirelessly to educate, advocate for and empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are dedicated to helping those we support become active members of their community so they can live their lives to the fullest. 

By providing a portfolio of services and resources that improve lives, our goal is to:

  • Be an agent of change
  • Provide the highest quality
  • Create more independence
  • Advocate for inclusion
  • Lead the way in innovation and technology

With Bethesda, people can learn, grow and thrive. We provide a connected community experience that is diverse, inclusive and loving. The people we support enjoy encouragement and the opportunity to learn life skills through our programs, which include:

  • Community living: Providing stable, welcoming homes with residential support options that include shared living, group homes and supported living.
  • Community connections: Fostering community engagement through individual and group activities, exploration, volunteerism and more.
  • Career connections: Supporting meaningful, integrated employment with job coaching, skill development and ongoing assistance.
  • Behavioral supports: Enhancing communication, relationship management and life skills for improved quality of life. 
  • Faith supports: Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be active members of their faith community.
  • Bethesda College of Applied Learning: A two-year certificate program giving people with disabilities a real college experience.

Through Bethesda Cornerstone Village, we bring a new community living solution to people with disabilities—one that opens the doors to independent living in a Christian, integrated environment with active people of all abilities. Learn more about Bethesda.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.